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  • light wood
Castles have such distinctive features that differentiate them at first sight from all other architectural constructions. Of these features, Manuel Barbieri, was most attracted to the battlements, traits that are part of all castles and that remember the period in which they were built or denote the family that commissioned the building. The battlements reveal therefore, the time and the historical period of the castle which withholds many meanings and mysteries in its ancient walls. From the designer’s imagination and passion for these ancient dwellings, Merlock was created. It is a pendulum floor clock that has antique traits. An important furniture accessory that at the same time is simple and ideal for various settings and types of décor. The front and rear parts of Merlock are made of wood, varnished in a shade of grey which recalls ancient buildings. The rest of the structure is white. The hands are positioned on the front of the clock and an insert has been made of the same shape as the whole clock holding the pendulum which like the hands is white. The Cuckoo strike is switched off automatically during the night controlled by a light sensor.

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By Manuel Barbieri
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