My House

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The choice of "soft" shapes and "warm" materials like wood make My House a clock that everyone would like to have to accompany us in the passing of time. The classic house, designed in a modern way by the famous Korean designers Park Woncheol & Shin Dong Rak, host the cuckoo and is available in two versions. In the black version,the "front" of the house is in light wood, in the other case it is made entirely of wood. The little house is flanked by a shelf that completes, in an innovative way, the design of a clock suitable for all environments, even those more classic. Produced from materials that are environmentally friendly and painted with non-toxic paints. The battery operated cuckoo movement has a light sensor that automatically turns off the cuckoo sound in the absence of light. A push button allows you to adjust the intensity of sound or turn it off altogether.

  • light wood and black
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€ 637.60