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Biancaneve clock is the result of the artistry of Caecilie e Virginia Hechtel, sisters of German origin, brought up in Milan and from an early age, immersed in the world of fashion and decorative clocks. Their brand, Hans&Greta, expresses their love for creating items connected to the world of fairy tales. The outcome of their collaboration with Progetti and the ‘for kids’ range, has been the creation of three clocks, Alice, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood. The clocks convey a highly emotional image of the underlying theme of fairy tales but with a modern interpretation. Their artwork recalls a mixture of classic and traditional fairy tales with a touch of ‘manga’ style of drawing with large eyes, simple shapes, important symbols drawn out of proportion and vivid colours. In order to make the characters seem alive, the skirts move like a pendulum to the passing time. Alice, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood are ideal for children’s bedrooms and for this purpose a small ‘playful’ feature has been added, each clock has magnetic hands that can be playfully adjusted to any position as you please.

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