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Over the years Progetti has made a tribute to many important cities, places and symbols from all over the world, for example with the clocks: Time Travel, Skyline, Souvenir and Hindia and with the cuckoo clocks. Ku Ku Kina and Burano. We are now pleased to present Sheikh, designed by Antonio Farina that represents, in a contemporary fashion, an antique culture and a specific architectural style with domes resting on a linear structure. The cuckoo clock is made of painted wood, the base is parallelepiped shaped, with in low relief, the outline of a mosque where the hands and the cuckoo are placed. The structure is crowned with a gold dome. Sheikh is available in a table top or a wall hanging version, and in the following colour variations: white with dome and details in gold, with or without Greek fret, black with the dome and other details in bronze. The Cuckoo strike is switched off automatically during the night controlled by a light sensor.

  • white with Greek fret
  • black with gold Greek fret

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By Antonio Farina
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