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Discontinued product

  • Designer: Shinichi Yamauchi and Kei Ninomiya Mod: 2305

Doughnut is a wall clock that reminds us, both in name and in its shape, of doughnuts. Born from the pencil of the Japanese designers Shinichi Yamauchi and Kei Ninomiya, it recaptures the harmonious and clean lines that are typical of oriental culture by creating a simple object but at the same time with character, and with the distinctive trait of being customizable. In fact, the outer dial, which is white, is magnetic and it is thus possible to attach metal objects to it. This feature makes every Doughnut unique. Anyone, even children, may customize their own clock, having fun in creating endless different dials that differ depending on the season or where it is positioned, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the office, in the bedroom, etc; or you can create an alternative coin tray for example, by applying paper clips, cookie cutters, hair clips and much more, unleashing one’s creativity at any given time. The metal dial is magnetic and always white in color while the box, which is made of plastic and wood, is available in pink or green. Battery quartz movement. (The attached decorations shown in the photos are not included).

  • white and green

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By Shinichi Yamauchi and Kei Ninomiya
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