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Freebird, designed by Gerardo Marì, represents an ironic evolution of the classic cuckoo clock, without being so. In fact, the little bird has "evolved" to a charming and attractive design, becoming, firstly, free, and then a tough guy or a punk, and assuming different positions: riding the pendulum or swinging on the pendulum "liana" like Tarzan. When he is a bad boy he wears a black hat and black glasses, which highlight his boldness and unconventional ways. In the punk version, he sports a classic black mohawk and a spray bottle, which he has just used to write on the dial of the clock the phrase "time for fun" in a totally irreverent manner. In both versions, to be more reassuring, he flies over the pendulum, using it as a seesaw or as a liana, when he becomes Tarzan. The casing comes in five basic colors: white, black, light blue, blue or red, and the quadrants or the hands change colors to complement the color of the structure. Pendulums are black in all versions, although they vary in shape from time to time. Made from wood painted with non-toxic paints. High quality quartz movement produced in Germany powered by a battery.

  • light blue
  • white
  • blue
  • black
  • red
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