Bruna Rapisarda

Bruna Rapisarda

I was born and live in Milan where, following classical studies, I attended the European Institute of Design. Parallel to the opening of my first studio, I had the opportunity to start a collaboration with the magazine Interni, which lasted for many years. This last experience has allowed me to develop skills of analysis and synthesis, which have proved to be fundamental for my professional training. I had my first significant approach to the world of design with a company in the furniture sector: Robots, with which I collaborated for several years as a design consultant, training myself as a designer within a corporate reality. It was a happy start as the first product I designed and signed for them, the Zen chest of drawers, made its debut on the market in 1989 with two mentions: the XV Compasso d'Oro Award and the Young&Design competition.In the first years of activity I dedicated myself to collaborations with companies in different sectors, from lighting, to housewares, from furnishing accessories, to the bathroom sector, the beginning of a long career, full of personal satisfaction and recognitions such as Plus 2009-ISH won with the Regia Jolie bath project. My professionalism was then enriched, thanks to an innate aptitude for building continuous relationships, with an important aspect, namely that of being able to understand company realities, analyzing the problems of each new project in a global sense and acquiring over time a kind of targeted and direct approach to design.This is how my products are born from time to time, from the synthesis between the concrete needs of the market and the objectives studied alongside the companies.


By Bruna Rapisarda
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