Krit Jiratkaruen

Krit Jiratkaruen

Born 1989 in Bangkok, with a passion in art and design he moved to Italy to improve his skill and earned his Master's in interior and product design from Accademia Italiana Florence. After graduated with honors he went back to Thailand and started to work as a freelance art designer. He has collaborated with several enterprises such Asiatique The Riverfront, Mega Bangna (IKEA Thailand) and Toscana Valley. In 2013 he decided to relocate to Milan where he finished his second master's degree in industrial design at Domus Academy. The year after start to work with Maurizio Peregalli as industrial design assistant for ZEUS. Krit Jiratkaruen received several awards, including ZEPTER International Design Award for lighting design, Domestic furniture design with Gufram for and Prior Thai for amenities design award for Ritz-Calton.


By Krit Jiratkaruen
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